Experience API SCORM Profile

Providing guidance on using SCORM in the Experience API environment. View the profile on GitHub.
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ADL Tools and Resources

ADL created some open source products for developers to start using the Experience API faster. The tools were built to be easy to use so developers could quickly get to developing content. Get more info »

Dual Tracking Strategy to SCORM and xAPI

If you have an existing SCORM LMS, this section explains how to update your existing content to post learner experiences via the xAPI while keeping your existing SCORM content managed by an LMS. Details »

image of content being launched by an LMS and that content reporting learner results back to both the LMS and an xAPI LRS

image of content not launched by an LMS, that content reporting learner results to only the xAPI LRS, and the LMS querying the LRS for learner and content status updates

LRS Centric Strategy for content outside an LMS.

If you have content or activities that cannot or will not be managed by an LMS, this sections explains how to report experiences in a way that can map to SCORM. The benenfit to this approach is that experiences can be retrieved by an LMS or SCORM tool and interpreted in a consistent manner. Details »