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xAPI SCORM Profile JSON Schemas

ADL created JSON Schemas to help developers validate their xAPI SCORM Data Objects.

ADL Learning Record Store

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An LRS is the system used by the Experience API to store learning information. It can range from a component in a large learning architecture to a personal record store. The ADL LRS is an open source project at GitHub of an Experience API LRS. It is freely available for download and use in organizations. ADL also welcomes developers to fork, modify, and update the current code base.

Content developers can use the LRS to help test the content. The hosted version uses SSL/TLS security and implements both HTTP Basic Auth and OAuth, as defined in the xAPI Spec. The ADL LRS allows users to create free accounts to use for HTTP Basic and client accounts for Oauth. It also provides content examples that showcase some of the features of the Experience API.

image of SCORM content reporting learner progress to both a SCORM LMS and an xAPI LRS

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xAPI Libraries

ADL created libraries to jump start using the Experience API. These libraries are open source and available on ADL's GitHub.

Client Examples

It can be difficult to go from specification to code. Often all that is needed is an example to help developers get started. ADL understands that and has created a few GitHub projects. The examples are open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

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