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This phase represents the starting point for the roadmap. In this phase SCORM tools, products and training materials are used to create an interoperable learning environment. The Learning Management System (LMS) stands in the center of this environment, potentially managing learners, the training material and the learner records.

For you if..

  • Your LMS is the immutable center of your organization's learning architecture.
  • You rely on authoring tools or content developers that create SCORM content.
  • You need to protect investments in existing SCORM-conformant content.
  • Your learning / training is primarily, or solely, web-based and singler learner scenarios.
  • You have little, or no budget, for updates to the learning systems or courses.
  • You have a requirement from a stakeholder to use SCORM.


  • Many organizations already have a SCORM-conformant LMS so investment would be minimal.
  • SCORM is widely adopted so there are many tools available that use SCORM formats.
  • Many ISDs and content developers are aware of SCORM and know how to design / develop for SCORM.
  • Requires little to no change to the current practices.
  • SCORM is a mature specification that is stable, with few changes.


It is expected that you are already here in some capacity. If you do not have an existing SCORM environment and do not need to support SCORM, we suggest you begin at the Experience API and other concepts of the TLA.