LRS Centric

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This phase begins to reduce an organization's reliance on an LMS, but still contains an LMS due to existing investments and interfaces with other systems. The xAPI SCORM-profile and any additional xAPI data is tracked by native xAPI content. Launch of this content is managed by a system other than the LMS. xAPI data which relates directly to LMS data may be synced between the LRS and LMS so existing system interfaces or reports continue to work.

For you if..

  • Your organization relies on an LMS but mainly for existing integrations with other systems, or to keep historical data until it can be transitioned.
  • Your authoring tools or content developers create SCORM content, but also invest in content managed outside of the LMS.
  • Your organization is beginning to use mobile apps, simulations, games or other non-web-based content.
  • Your organization is investing in modern learning technologies and has an LRS available.
  • Data reporting or analytics using LMS-provided reports is not sufficient for organizational needs.
  • Your organization desires to track additional information about a learner's interaction with a SCORM course that is not possible with SCORM.


  • Supports content that is not managed by a tradtional LMS: mobile, sinulations, games, etc.
  • Tracks data about individual learners, groups of learners, teams, instructors, mentors, peers, etc.
  • Exposes learning data in the LRS through a standardized interface for reports and analytics.
  • Allows tracking of additional (non-SCORM) data as defined by the organization.
  • Organizations can begin to integrate services more easily.


  • Configure your LMS to pull data from your LRS.
  • Report data primarily to the LRS instead of the LMS.
  • Configure content to launch externally from the LMS.
  • Define content and user access / authentication.
  • See more information about this approach in the xAPI SCORM Profile - LRS Centric